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Born in Belgium 1955 Dutch nationality

Master in Psychology Vrije Universiteit Brussels

Certified Contextual Therapist

Academy of Art Antwerp 


I view myself as an experimental artist. I work through an open creative process. I begin without knowing where it will end, what I will create. I discover while I advance in completing the work.

I develop slowly, step by step. I enjoy creating this way.

Art is a coincidence to me and an interactive process which develops into it’s own statement.

I enjoy myself drawing / painting / sculpting  faces of people. Could be anyone but I have distanced myself from the realistic photographic drawings and paintings. The faces I make are recognizable but sometimes even not. Sometimes it could be anyone, a line or a spot on the canvas that triggers my imagination. Numerous of portraits are Self-portraits based on self-analysis.

The major themes in my work are people.

I love to draw and paint portraits of people and “life drawings” have always been my preferred Medium. I am fascinated by the imperfection of people. The small differences that make them unique and therefore beautiful.

My medium is Acrylics, Charcoal, Pastels, Clay, Thermoplastics and Spray paint.



Favorite artist;

Something cheerful, not too serious, a painting by Maria Lassnig ‘Du oder ich’.


 Update August 2019

My new passion are masks in Thermoplastics. I first make a clay cast and while the clay is still wet I model it into Thermoplastics. This makes every mask an unique piece. The mask is painted and varnished with acrylics.

Update August 2020

Working on a series of sculptures of women. KISS is the collection, new materials, new techniques, new challenges keep be busy and going. Enjoy

Update November 2020

My first passion Psychology is bubbling up, therefor I started my podcast series. I have the intention to start with relaxation exercises, building up to meditation sessions. To improve the inner wellbeing.